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Ladybird Beads popped into existence in 2009 when it became increasingly clear that I had to do something with the sheer number of beads and findings I'd amassed while making a bag charm to finish off another project - I'm very easily distracted and find that I go online to buy one thing and come offline with many more.
I'm a magpie by nature and love collecting pretty things which then lurk about till inspiration strikes - sometimes one thing will sit about for ages until another comes along that makes it look even prettier. I love repurposing game pieces and giving them a life outside the box, if you'll pardon the pun, and I can't resist vintage Lucite flowers either. I am a frequent experimenter, and am currently messing about with fabric, charms and polymer clay.
I'm a sociable soul and like to get out and about to craft fairs and local events, and if I happen to sell some jewellery while I'm at it then that's a bonus...you can see more details on the Events 2013  page. Come and say hi if you're around!
Away from the jewellery, I dabble about in crafts - cross stitch, knitting, patchwork - and am also trying to improve my baking skills. I have two daughters and a baby son and my 'day job' is in a fabulous East London museum, where I manage the schools programme. Welsh by birth, I'm now based in Essex via Preston, Aberystwyth and London.
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